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Meet Karen Boynton,
Owner/Master Instructor, Serenite’ Fitness featuring the
BarreAmped, BUTI yoga and Core Rhythm Methods

Karen’s love of dance and fitness has been a lifelong endeavor. Classically trained in Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Modern dance from the pre-school years through her college career, she has a true love of form and fluid movement. Later years found her fully committed to daily disciplines of aerobics and weight training to maintain a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. Karen is blessed to be a breast cancer survivor since 2008, and is actively involved in sharing her journey of survivorship with others through the Vanderbilt Hope Connection Program. “It is an honor to work with these courageous women, and assist them in their journey of healing and recovery…there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who’s spirit has risen above the life altering event of a cancer diagnosis….Serenite’ Fitness was born of my love of fitness and desire to help others achieve a healthy, and balanced lifestyle."


Our unique approach to the Private or Group Fitness experience is unsurpassed. Lessons are fun, yet bring results by challenging you based on your current fitness level. If you have struggled with body image, low levels of energy, regaining your best self after childbirth, surgery, illness, or a stagnant lifestyle, we can help! Our services include foundational BarreAmped classes through several advanced modalities of the Method, BUTI Yoga and CORE Rhythm Fitness workouts designed to assist in (re)discovering your "powerhouse". 


Personal & Group Instruction


Lives are busy, and the demands of family, work, and social commitments often have you placing yourself last in the scheme of things.  Serenite' Fitness makes you our first priority in a beautiful studio setting. We are dedicated to assisting you meet your personal health and fitness goals while you bring a sense of peace to your spirit. Programs available for all health levels and body types. Ask us about special considerations for Cancer Survivors, New Moms, and Active Adults!