Welcome to Our Studio...We cannot wait to walk with you on your Transformation journey!


Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the scheduled class time if this is your first visit. You will need to complete your New Client Paperwork and go thru a brief orientation with your assigned Instructor. Please note we have a 4 hr. cancellation policy on all classes. Missed classes or late cancellations will result in the class being charged to your class package, or in the case of an unlimited package or membership, a $15 charge will be applied to your account. Please cancel early to avoid these charges.


Wear comfortable, form fitting clothing. We are dedicated to offering verbal and tactile cueing, and need to view your body lines in space to present you with form perfected corrections, all to provide the best results and experience ever!


Do not eat anything heavy for at least 90 minutes before the start of class. Light snacks like fruit or yogurt are ideal and can help keep your energy level up during the workout.


Bare feet, indoor studio shoes or grippy socks are appropriate footwear. Clean Tennis shoes (not worn outside) for the Power Cycling & Turbo Kick Class.


Bring a water bottle and a towel, you likely will break a sweat and put a glow on!


No gum chewing, it is a choking hazard.


No strong perfumes or deodorants.


Our classes desire to present a mindful workout engaging the body with full concentration. Please limit conversation. Your Instructor is available before and after class if you have a questions about certain positioning or form.


Follow verbal and tactile cues from your instructor. Do not modify your positioning unless you have been instructed to do so. Modifications will be provided based on level of fitness, strength, flexibility or attention to other body considerations due to injury, illness or surgery. Recent surgeries will require a doctors release to attend.


Expecting? We welcome Mommies-to-be! If you have been in a fitness routine and your doctor approves, please join us! If you have been inactive, we recommend waiting to begin your core practice until after your little bundle of joy arrives!


Floor mats are provided, but feel free to bring your own!


You will quickly acclimate to the flow of our featured Methods after about 6-10 classes, and will already be realizing the benefits of our balance fusion and core workouts with your dedication. We are often asked how many classes per week to get desired results. 3 classes to maintain and 4 to effect change are our studio recommendations based on years of experience in our featured Methods.


Have FUN! You will be connecting with your body and spirit in a way that you never have....embrace the experience and grow from it....it will truly change your life!