Meet our Professionally Certified Instructors






Gwen Williams, Certified in Barre by BarreAmped Instructor, and Indoor Cycling

Melissa Giovanni, Certified in Barre by BarreAmped Instructor & tap n' pow{h}er

Lauren Purcell, Instructor Stretch & Tone 50/50

Mackenzie Rice,  Certified PiYo LIVE! & TurboKICK Instructor


Taylar Proctor, Certified PiYo LIVE! and POUND Rockout Workout

Jessie Warren, RYT yoga Instructor

Mel Swain, Certified PiYo LIVE! Instructor

Stephanie Puryear, Certified UGI, Indoor Cycling,
FXP Hula Hoop CORE Instructor &  Studio Client Advocate

Morgan Bonner, Certified Pilates Mat Foundations

Sam Hubert, Certified BUTI Instructor

Ainsley Diaz- Stevens, Certified Instructor Core Rhythm MOVES , Certified in Barre by BarreAmped & UGI Fitness, Core Rhythm REV & FXP Hula Hoop Core & BLaZe Dance Fitness

Pam Martin, Certified Turbo-Kick LIVE! & Indoor Cycling

Karen Boynton, Owner/Master Instructor/Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor in Barre, Indoor Cycling, UGI Fit, FXP Hula Hoop, tap n' pow{h)er Balance fusion, yoga, Pilates mat, POUND Rockout Workout, REV HIIT, PiYo LIVE!