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Barre Fit: Barre Fit is an extreme fitness method founded on the techniques of Dance, the mind/body aspects of Yoga, and the exacting precision of Core Pilates. This Method lengthens and chisels muscles without producing bulk. Movements are small and isolated, working muscle groups to exhaustion in small holds and isometric movements. Expect an extreme mental connection in this challenging session, and leave feeling calm yet energized!

FXP Hula Hoop: The FXP Fitness Program features low impact, high intensity interval training (HIIT), Core-centric moves adapted from Pilates, precise moves inspired by ballet, and yoga-based stretching. The Hoop system is a holistic exercise program that blends core and strength training with aerobic activity. The Hoop is precisely weighted and sized to provide unbelievable results-helping you shed pounds, lose inches, and sculpt your body with long, lean muscle.

tap n' pow{h}er balance fusion:
tnp is a balance fusion experience designed to shape, tone and elongate while delivered with messages of empowerment. It is constructed to test your will and focus, improving balance as you aid the body's level of fitness with muscle isolation, hip and core stabilization, and enhanced caloric burn.


CORE Rhythm REV Series: Think Pilates with variations of High Cardio and traditional Floor Work, a great complement to your regular Practice! Bring comprehensive fitness to your over all results-oriented goals, all the while having FUN!

BLaZe Dance Fitness! This is an energetic free movement class with choreographed segments of Hip-Hop, Modern and Latin influences. Dance experience is NOT required as you execute sequenced moves for a sweat fest and fun workout. Release that Inner Dancer, she's just waiting to shine!


BUTI : Free your hips and let your Inner Spirit SOAR! Flowing strength postures with plyometrics and tribal dance movement incorporated and experienced with high energy, mood moving music. You need to try this one!

UGI Fitness:  What is UGI? U Got It. Show it off!  This is the ultimate 30-45 minute minute workout that combines strength, cardio and core training into the most FUN, CHALLENGING, and STYLISH way of becoming functionally fit. A 6lb+  UGI ball is used in this work out. Modifications available to suit your personal level of fitness. A great complement to your existing studio workouts, and way too much fun to be missed!

POWER Cycling Series:  Join us for this high intensity workout and break a sweat like you never have before. Start with our basic, express class and build up to Power Rides and Tabata training that takes your fitness to a whole new level! Water, towel and Tennis shoes required.

TurboKick LIVE! Think Kickboxing with amazing tunes to get you thru a heat building, cardio sweat-fest as you execute twists and turns, bobs and weaves, punches and jabs workout! Tennis shoes required.

POUND Rockout Workout:  Come release your inner  ROCKSTAR, beating out tunes with the use of our specially designed 1 lb RIPSTIX! Full body with cardio choreographed to give you the best, fun, workout EVER!  


Why Our Methods are SO Successful: Serenite’ Fitness takes great pride in our professional, hands on, personalized training. Our Instructor professionals are fully certified in represented Methods, and love to share their passion with you in an intimate setting. This individual attention will allow you to Perfect your form to break through training plateaus, or provide you the very best in a foundation as you return to, or begin, your fitness journey.




Get UGI FIT with the UGI Ball
BUTI, It will change your life!
Barre Fit Isometrics changes your body....FAST!





Core Strength is developed, creating lean bodies and greater flexibility